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Informatii EFAMA 2014 Q1

  1. Investment fund assets worldwide increased 2.6 percent during the first quarter to stand at EUR 24.38 trillion at end March 2014, compared to EUR 23.79 trillion at end 2013. In U.S. dollar terms, worldwide investment fund assets totaled US$ 33.70 trillion at end March 2014.
  2. Worldwide net cash inflows increased in the first quarter to EUR 292 billion from EUR 229 billion in the previous quarter. This result can be attributed to a large increase in net inflows into long-term funds.
  3. Long-term funds (all funds excluding money market funds) registered net inflows of EUR 271 billion during the first quarter, up from EUR 193 billion in the previous quarter. Worldwide equity funds attracted EUR 92 billion, compared to EUR 107 billion in the previous quarter. Bond funds enjoyed net inflows amounting to EUR 69 billion after recording net outflows in the previous quarter of EUR 11 billion. Balanced funds registered increased net sales of EUR 71 billion, compared to EUR 51 billion in the fourth quarter.
  4. Money market funds registered third consecutive quarter of net inflows during the first quarter of EUR 21 billion, compared to EUR 36 billion in the fourth quarter of 2013. Large net outflows in the United States of EUR 61 billion were outweighed by the net inflows in Europe of EUR 14 billion and Asia and Pacific of EUR 67 billion.
  5. At the end of the first quarter, assets of equity funds represented 40 percent and bond funds represented 22 percent of all investment fund assets worldwide. The asset share of money market funds was 14 percent and the asset share of balanced/mixed funds was 12 percent.
  6. The market share of the ten largest countries/regions in the world market were the United States (50.0%), Europe (29.1%), Australia (5.1%), Brazil (4.8%), Canada (3.6%), Japan (3.1%), China (1.6%), Rep. of Korea (0.9%), South Africa (0.5%) and India (0.3%).

International Statistical Release 2014 Q1
International Statistical Release Q1 2014 with Supplementary Tables
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