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Closed-end Funds

Categories of distributed funds

Fund Type Number of funds Net Assets (mil.lei) Net subscriptions (mil.lei)
Stocks 4 85.219 0
Multi-Active 2 132.133 0
Randament Absolut 6 385.991 0.847
Other Funds 12 555.901 -0.171

* include fonduri inchise de investitii care atrag resurse in mod privat.

All Local Funds (local and foreign)

Fund Name Fund Administrator Fund Type Local / Foreign Number of investorsLegal Person Detinerile PJ din total a.nNet AssetsCompared to last month %last 12 months %last 36 months %SubscriptionRedemptionMarket ShareModified durationTitle valueExpense ratio %Total quoted stock exposure %Annual volatilityValue at Risk (VaR)
DCP Investitii Atlas Asset Management Randament Absolut Local 7460.7166.6330.61-6.723.28130000005.756575.78640.190.87
Herald (euro) Atlas Asset Management Randament Absolut Local 311.644.746-1.33-18.9-19.39000.417889.07660.230.77
Hermes RON Atlas Asset Management Randament Absolut Local 3320.2620.262-2.1-13.491.68001.75141200.81050.20.87
F.O.A. SAFI Invest Stocks Local 880221780.117.262-9.69-26.37-19.65000.631.33650.9992.45
FII BET-FI INDEX INVEST SAI Broker S.A. Stocks Local 1668.228.255-2.14-1.5920.23000.71596.35350.150
STK Emergent STK FINANCIAL SAI S.A. Stocks Local 4572025.2768.307-10.123.886.01005.89112.0200
Global Investing (euro) Vanguard Asset management Other Funds Local 3210.711.4170-14.12-34.79000.12361.530.340
FII Michelangelo Atlas Asset Management Multi-Active Local 2005.266-0.300000.455052.20630.220.83

* Assets are in millions lei, subscriptions and redemptions in lei.
** Closed funds that attract resources privately do not publish data at the fund level.