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Closed-end Funds

Categories of distributed funds

Fund Type Number of funds Net Assets (mil.lei) Net subscriptions (mil.lei)
Stocks 4 74.458 0
Multi-Active 2 160.327 0
Randament Absolut 6 384.036 -1.086
Other Funds 13 842.195 0.265

* include fonduri inchise de investitii care atrag resurse in mod privat.

All Local Funds (local and foreign)

Fund Name Fund Administrator Fund Type Local / Foreign Number of investorsLegal Person Detinerile PJ din total a.nNet AssetsCompared to last month %last 12 months %last 36 months %SubscriptionRedemptionMarket ShareModified durationTitle valueExpense ratio %Total quoted stock exposure %Annual volatilityValue at Risk (VaR)
DCP Investitii Atlas Asset Management Randament Absolut Local 8472.779.8649.763.8622.17005.477810.077300.68
Herald (euro) Atlas Asset Management Randament Absolut Local 311.532.408-27.24-24.54-18.4109870610.177065.936400.54
Hermes RON Atlas Asset Management Randament Absolut Local 3323.423.39810.131.0120.04001.6163054.260500.73
F.O.A. SAFI Invest Stocks Local 878841780.084.9357.73-10.38-50.69000.340.90820.9498.69
FII BET-FI INDEX INVEST SAI Broker S.A. Stocks Local 16610.0410.0669.6415.1133.31000.69727.87320.140
STK Emergent STK FINANCIAL SAI S.A. Stocks Local 376190.2358.327-0.12-0.29-5.15003.9995.6600
FIA Atlas European Properties Fund Atlas Asset Management Other Funds Local 611.184.666-0.1500000.32993.3600
Global Investing (euro) Tradeville Asset Management Other Funds Local 1810.71.1090.3-1.15-19.190179460.08343.880.340
FII Michelangelo Atlas Asset Management Multi-Active Local 2006.0373.1815.320000.416234.321400.44

* Assets are in millions lei, subscriptions and redemptions in lei.
** Closed funds that attract resources privately do not publish data at the fund level.